Parei de Ser Fôlego | I Stopped Being


Costume Designer
Play, 2014

Written and directed by Emanuel Aragão
Production Company: Cia 3rd World Company

This play was presented at the Home Theater Festival in Rio de Janeiro.

An empty house became a museum to tell the story about Ana, who died in 2015. Her death was caused by a strange and unusual illness: Ana stopped breathing. The actresses were the staff of this fictional museum and they all played the part of Ana in different situations inside the house.

The play was set in the future, in the year of 2053. Every 15 minutes the actresses would change place and do a different scene. All actresses played all scenes.

As for the costumes, all actresses had a base garment – like a museum uniform – and the over garments for each scene were hanged in the set, being part of it when the room was empty.

To create a concept for the costumes, I tried to think as a costume designer working in the year 2053 researching 2015. Plastic was used as our main material as a critical understanding of our society today. The idea was to create a minimalistic atmosphere and a distance between the audience and the actresses.